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From blackwork and traditional to neo-traditional and realism, these artists offer a diverse spectrum of styles and techniques. Whether booking through Instagram, email, or catching a lucky design pick, these passionate artists are ready to transform your ideas into stunning, everlasting works of art.

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Sam Wilson

Sam is an accomplished tattoo artist renowned for his expertise in traditional style tattoos


Feel free to reach out to Sam directly on Instagram to book an appointment for your next tattoo. He manages his bookings personally and welcomes inquiries through direct messages on his Instagram profile.

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Benjamin Blvckout

Benjamin Blvckout specializes in black and grey realism, showcasing unparalleled skill in his tattoo artistry.


While he opens bookings annually through his Instagram for larger projects, he accommodates smaller fineline pieces before and after his main scheduled sessions. For those interested in these smaller pieces, you can secure a spot by reaching out to him via Instagram for availability outside his yearly booking window.

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Aaron Murphy

Aaron Murphy is a tattoo artist known for his mastery in traditional style tattoos, primarily using black and black shading to create striking pieces.


To schedule an appointment, Aaron manages bookings through his email at If you're interested in his signature traditional designs, contacting him via email is the best way to secure a spot for your next tattoo session.

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Embark on a vibrant journey through the world of neo-traditional floral and animal tattoos with Purps.


While her appointment books are presently closed, stay tuned to her Instagram for updates on when she'll be reopening them. Her captivating style breathes life into florals and animals, infusing them with a contemporary twist that's as vibrant as it is timeless.

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Marcus Norrilld

Discover Marcus's distinct interpretation of the traditional tattoo style—a unique vision that sets his work apart.


He manages his bookings through Instagram, send him a DM to secure a spot. He books fast so get in quick!

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Bonni Ink

Bonni Ink is a specialist in a diverse range of tattoo styles, from trash polka and realism to watercolor and fineline designs.


To secure a spot on his coveted waitlist, send an email to, providing details such as the size, preferred placement, and any references for your desired tattoo. Bonni's expertise spans various styles, promising a unique and personalized tattoo experience for those eager to adorn themselves with his artistic mastery.

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Sarah Avila

Known for her distinctive style, she frequently travels for guest spots and manages all her bookings exclusively through direct messages on her Instagram.


For those seeking her unparalleled artistry and the chance to adorn themselves with a bespoke creation, reaching out via Instagram DMs is the key to securing an appointment with Sarah during her guest appearances or at her home studio.

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Dana Sander

Tattooing since 2016, Dana brings life into Bloodlines! Specializing in Japanese, Neo-trad and Micro-realism. 

Her books are currently closed, however booking periods are every 3 - 4 months. Keep an eye on her social media for updates and last minute cancellation spots!

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Talia James

Talia loves anything mandala, geometric and realism! 


She has been tattooing since 2013, her experience in the industry will leave you obsessed with your new piece!

Send her a message directly on Instagram to book you next piece, with a 4 - 6 month wait on new bookings and watch her story for updates.

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Blake Tattooz

Blake specialises in anything full colour, pop culture, anime, cartoons..... anything nerdy, he is your guy!

Refining his custom colour skills since 2018 you are in safe hands with Blake!

Blake handles all his bookings directly through his Instagram, click below to check out his profile and book a spot!

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Danielle Decay

Danielle has over 10  years of experience and has a brilliant portfolio to match.


If you are after black and grey realism, macabre or surrealism, look no further!

Her books are open all year round with a 6- 9 month wait-list for large-scale pieces, however is always open for small walk-ins at 9am on weekdays.

Message her directly on Instagram for any enquiries or to book a spot! 

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Jake Guad

Jake started tattooing in 2018

As a 'Jake of all trades' he tattoos black work, trad & Neo-trad, Japanese; colour & black and grey!

Email him directly at for all consults & bookings!

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Ayden Thomas

Ayden, fresh from Melbourne, is back and ready to bring your tattoo ideas to life! Specialising in trad-style tattoos, he's open for walk-ins, offering his expertise and creativity for those spontaneous ink cravings. 

Ayden manages his bookings exclusively through Instagram. Send him a message to book your next piece!

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Allie Already

Allie is a multifaceted artist whose talent extends to both the world of neo-traditional tattooing and painting. Her expertise lies in crafting neo-traditional tattoos that merge classic elements with contemporary flair, offering clients unique and personalized pieces of art.

Allie operates on an annual booking system, opening her schedule for appointments once a year. To stay informed about when and how to secure a spot, follow her Instagram account for timely updates and details on booking procedures.

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Big Sam

Big Sam is a traditional tattoo artist with a passion for crafting intricate backpieces. Renowned for his expertise in traditional style tattoos, he specializes in creating stunning, detailed designs that adorn the back with timeless artistry. 

Big Sam manages his tattoo bookings exclusively through his Instagram profile. To secure an appointment for a traditional backpiece or any other tattoo work, reach out to him via direct messages on Instagram.

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Harvey Lee

Whether it's portraiture or detailed scenes, Harvey's skill in black and grey realism makes him a sought-after artist for those seeking a touch of realism in their tattoos.

Harvey's Instagram response time might be a bit unpredictable, but there's a chance he might notice and select a design that captures his interest, booking those lucky enough to catch his eye. So, if you're keen on getting a tattoo from him and have a design in mind, it's worth giving it a shot.

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Devon Lee

Devon is a blackwork artist renowned for his mastery of heavy line work and dot shading. 

Devon personally manages all his bookings and announces openings exclusively through his Instagram account. Stay tuned to his page for updates and keep an eye on his stories to secure a spot for your next piece!


Sety xix

Sety is an apprentice tattoo artist who has recently graduated honing her skills for over two years.


She has been trained by two renowned tattoo artists, Danielle Decay and Bonni Ink, and has developed a unique style that blends both of their techniques. Sety's love for tattooing is evident in the stunning masterpieces she creates.

Send her a message on Instagram to book in your next piece!

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